“At Lucid, we’re committed to working with clients and brands that share the same philosophy. That means all our clients have a place within today’s busy lives - from fashion to food to beauty and beyond.”

- Michelle Calvert  |  Founder and director


How We Work

The best way to achieve results and begin a healthy working environment and relationship is to work hands on with our clients and build trust from the get-go. Think of us as your internal PR team. We typically come up with a strategic game plan that we execute between 3 to 12-month’s - depending on the scope of work. We are fully transparent with our clients in terms of activities and what is happening behind the scenes, and provide a shared google doc/workback plan so both our team and you can keep track on weekly activities, what we need from you, and ongoing coverage. Each week we will set aside specific days/times to work on your business so that we can be effective and efficient with our time. You also have access to us throughout the week and can always call, email, text, DM, or smoke signal us any time.

Having been doing this for over 16 years, we have been fortunate to become an established firm that offers personalized client service being a boutique firm with massive cost benefits for our you -- leaving the big-box, traditional, over-priced PR firms behind in the dust. We are also able to service you in the Canadian and the US marketplace - eliminating the need for our you to work with two different agencies.

How We Charge

Unlike many other big box PR firms, our budgets are built out by figuring out how many hours we’ll be putting into your program, and amortizing them over a monthly retainer model. We have a very structured PR plan that we will roll out, and that way we are accountable, and there aren’t any surprises of additional costs along the way. By doing this, we are actually giving you our undivided attention without tracking hours that could be put into actually doing the work over needless bureaucratic reporting as well.

As a small agency, we have a hands on approach with both clients and our staff, and don’t have account people like the bigger guys have, to slow down the process. Our costs are kept to a minimum because we don’t have expensive head offices with large overhead that you end up paying for. 99% of your monthly fee goes directly towards doing the actual work - and generating results.


“There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

- Oscar Wilde